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Pandoras box dating secrets torrent

This means the Social Butterfly embraces a more- aggressive approach on your part, as long as she doesn’t get the feeling that sex with her is merely another trophy for you.

5) The Private Dancer (Tester – Denier – Realist) Personality Profile Overview Private Dancers have two sides to their personalities: There’s a mysterious-yet-innocent exterior and the passionate, sensitive interior.When a man is special to her, she gives him her all to contribute to his life and keep him happy.She needs this role in order for her to feel satisfied in her relationships.She daydreams about her Knight in Shining Armor sweeping into her life, as well as romantic escapades, and has long-term hopes for the men with whom she gets involved.For the Hopeful Romantic, the potential of a long-term relationship is the foundation upon which everything else lies.

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While it’s okay to see other women when you meet a Hopeful Romantic, if you lie about it or try to deceive her, she will lose all hope of a future with you, because to her, relationships–whether platonic, romantic, or somewhere in between, are founded in honesty.

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