Private dating scan wiltshire

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Private dating scan wiltshire

As far as i can tell if i transfered to Swindon i would remain under the care of the local mws leading up to the birth but was told that this would only be the case if everything continues to go smoothly, so potentially I could end up travelling backwards and forwards to Swindon for apts if they had any concerns or if i needed bloods taken etc.-which is a good 30/40 minutes trek rather than just down the road.As i had already missed my 12 week scan by this time (and had had a emergency scan at Bath due to scare and found out LO Hi, there were concerns at the end of my last pregnancy when I was under the care of the Chippenham midwives.From what I hear you lucky if you even get seen before 20weeks around here. That way id just have to go to Swindon for the 2 scans, as long as there are no problems. Hi I live in Devizes and was told I could go to either bath, Salisbury, Chippenham or Swindon only Swindon offered the 12 and 20 week scans free the rest only offered a 19 week scan.I choose swindon had my scan and all went well, its a nice new hospital and staff very friendly you can elect to go there but still have your appointments with your local midwife, I would reccomend it.Sonia x Hi everyone, i'm 23 weeks pregnant and live in Chippenham and was also disapointed when i realised that I wasnt offered a 12 week scan.I went back to my doctors to ask him to refer me to Swindon which he was happy to do.

The scans only cost £75 during the week, so cheaper than Bath. im 6 weeks pregnant and have found out i wont be getting a scan till im 20 weeks or so. i thought everyone was offered a scan at about 12 weeks so im a bit annoyed to say the least!! Does anyone know of anywhere in the area that does private scans? Thanks Fi x Hi Fi, I was given a leaflet on private scans by my GP. I think ill look in to a private scan at about 12 weeks but wouldnt know where to start.Here is a link to the website: might do this if I can't get a 12-week scan in Swindon.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

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