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She will not get caught in volleys of conversation, and judges prospective dates who do so.“They should be wondering more about me, and I’m not going to give it all to them right then and there,” she said.Perhaps that’s why she is so often hired by her clients’ mothers.She said that, when she gains new customers in this way, the daughters are often more willing to try the service than the sons.“Moms of men approach me, and the men are like, no way,” Ms Golden said.These special characteristics are what make marriage so fulfilling and so scary at the same time. But how each marriage handles these challenges is as different as the two people in it.I am a passionate believer in marriage, but marriage done right.She also has a “we don’t date them” list that includes about 20 men.

She is amazed at how often her clients come to her with a lineup of pictures that look like mug shots, or in which they are standing with three friends and are thus impossible to identify. Golden picks the best of what they have to offer (clear portraits in which they are distinct and seem happy) or, in some cases, sends them to professional photographers. Golden is cool with helping her busy clients hook up if they are not eager to enter a more serious relationship.“Most of the people on it aren’t looking for relationships,” she said.“They just want to have some fun.”) A mother of two sons, she treats her clients protectively, warning them not to drink too much and never to get in a car with a stranger.Golden thinks she can mimic them convincingly enough — down to whether they would type “gonna” or “going to” — to start chatting. Golden, who has been covered by The Cut and CNBC, upholds certain rules for all of her clients.She subscribes to a less-is-more mind-set, and much of the work she does is in how little she says.

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Others are aware of the differences, but think they are not important.

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