Revalidating lapsed ppl who is katy perry dating now

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You may take all these exams here at CFT with our resident CAA approved examiner.

From April 2018 the NPPL will not be acceptable to fly an “EASA aircraft”, such as those at most flying schools, it will still be able to be used for those aircraft with a CAA or LAA “permit to fly”.

You will need an EASA LAPL medical, which can be obtained from either a CAA authorised medical examiner or your GP, alternatively a class 2 aviation medical from a CAA AME is acceptable.

Once you have an LAPL, you must fly 10 hours as PIC before you can carry passengers.

If you have an NPPL and wish to fly EASA aircraft after that date, you will need to apply for an EASA LAPL.

The EASA LAPL is a European licence which is recognised by all EASA countries.

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This allows you to fly an aircraft with one piston engine, weighing up to 2000kg, in reasonable weather, in daytime and to use the aircraft radio to communicate with ATC.

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