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It was written at a difficult point in Adele's relationship with the man, and when she played the song for the man, an argument ensued and the eighteen-month relationship ended.

According to Adele, the relationship became the "biggest deal in [her] entire life to date", and in addition to being highly compatible, her lover also stimulated her interest in various worldly affairs: "He was older, he was successful in his own right...

“The point of Songland is that the people who come on go on to have careers as songwriters,” Tedder says in the clip, which’ll get you excited for the return of season one.

, is the anonymous ex-boyfriend of Adele who inspired her Grammy-winning album 21.

In 2009, when Adele embarked on her first tour, the An Evening with Adele tour, she was introduced to a man ten years older than her (which means he would have been thirty, as she was twenty at the time they started dating).

When they started dating, Adele eventually ended up cancelling the remainder of the tour to spend time with him, something that critics responded negatively to, and Adele later regretted.

Adele has forgiven him, but has also referred to him poorly on several occasions in the past.

21": Following the release of the album, many publications tried to uncover the identity of the man who "broke Adele's heart." Among the rumored persons were her estranged father Mark Evans, Klaxons frontman Jamie Reynolds, entertainer James Corden, and producer Mark Ronson, and singer-songwriter Mika.

Despite these reports, they have all been confirmed to be false, either through statements issued by the people or by examining the timeframe of Adele's relationship with "Mr. The most commonly accepted theory is that Alex Sturrock, Adele's photographer throughout the majority of the An Evening with Adele tour, was "Mr.

—the Jonas Brothers’ “Greenlight,” John Legend’s “We Need Love,” “Kelsea Ballerini’s “Better Luck Next Time,” and Black Eyed Peas’ “Be Nice”—reached the number one spot on various i Tunes charts, and so far, the songs have garnered over 19 million views across You Tube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Plus, every song released onhappens to be incredibly catchy.

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ET with an entirely new episode starring Macklemore.

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