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Savanna ga dating

Pre-Civil War Savannah was praised as the most picturesque and serene city in America.It was known for its grand oaks festooned with Spanish moss and its genteel citizenry.Oglethorpe named the 13th and final American colony "Georgia" after England's King George II. The plan was to offer a new start for England's working poor and to strengthen the colonies by increasing trade.The colony of Georgia was also chartered as a buffer zone for South Carolina, protecting it from the advance of the Spanish in Florida.

Many who stayed in the area formed the unique Gullah culture of the coastal communities in Georgia and South Carolina.Our local restaurant is known for organic, fresh, natural, dayboat, local and regional fare with additional emphasis placed on humanely treated animals; starting with our organic made cocktails through to our pastry chefs in house made desserts.Alligator Soul is known for eclectic Southern dining with a seasonal menu that utilizes farm-fresh ingredients, local day boat fish and grass fed meat.After the end of the Civil War, the Reconstruction period began in Savannah. Despite these hardships and the added burdens of prejudice, the freed slaves who remained in Savannah built a thriving community, with its own churches, schools and economic strength.Savannah became one of the most historically significant African-American cities in the nation.

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A land-sea force of French and Americans tried to retake the city in 1779, first by siege and then by direct assault, but failed.

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