Senior girl dating a freshman guy college

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Senior girl dating a freshman guy college

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. I wasn't allowed to "car date" until I was 16 and that rule also went for my daughters. The problem is the wimpy parents who don't say....if shes good enough to act like your a family(sex) then shes good enough to be in a family.

Also, a senior would be more likely to have access to alcohol and attend parties where there would be alcohol. I think kids should date kids in their own age group - a year older at most. Parents are wimps because they think if she doesn't get a disease or pregnant everything is ok..

Yes, you can argue that maybe the senior is young and the freshman is old, but then the opposite could be true... In any case, for argument's sake, we'll say 3 years.She was 15 as a freshman her boyfriend was 16 turning 17 a couple days after she turned 16 he was a senior. You never know if someone was held back, someone started early etc etc..We had a rule about when our daughter could start dating, not until she got to high school.The issue isn't the physical age gap but the mental age gap. Generally, there are vast differences in the mental states of people at those ages.A high school freshman is generally way different from a high school senior. The mental gap between a fifteen and seventeen-year-old is vastly different than that of a twenty-two and twenty-four-year-old.

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