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-From my Picks, you'll see that I have a couple of people that I consider close, that I have info about a roleplay group I belong to, my roleplay likes and dislikes, that I quite dislike the overuse of titles as it pertains to BDSM, and again, my dislike for a certain roleplay sim.

The other tabs of your profile are less important, but again, might contain info about your roleplay likes.

-The soldier who has a prototype bullet-proof vest, capable of stopping any caliber of bullet without even so much as bruising him.

There are many other examples of which I have seen in my travels around Second Life.

I'll give you some examples: -The vampire who cannot be hurt by you, whether it be because of supernatural powers, some magic spell that makes him better than the rest, etc.

-The streetfighter who has so much experience, she can see any move you make before you know what you're thinking, and therefore dodges any attack you make.

Role Play Tip # 03 - Powergaming - - - - - Powergaming is when you decide for someone else what they're doing.

Role Play Tip # 04 - Profiles - - - - - As a roleplayer, your profile is the best way to sell yourself. Here's what you'll find: -From my Groups, you'll see that I like roleplay (descriptive, paragaph roleplay in particular), and have a few other assorted groups for business or personal reasons.

Without talking to you, someone will be able to tell a bit about you like by what you put in your profile. -From my 2nd Life tab, you'll see that I like intelligence, descriptive play, dislike metered roleplay, and that I sometimes log chat.

It lets the other person decide what action they're going to take.

2 - In this example, the woman decides that she's writing erotica, and not roleplaying.

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Your Web tab might contain a page of your roleplay stats or kinks. And finally, your 1st Life tab might be used as an extra space in which to relay info about your SL self instead of the real you.