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A real relationship is as organic as the people who have it, and you cannot replicate it. So someone who was not currently involved in the survey -- that eliminated the entire sciences division, people currently on the bridge or in engineering, and all of sickbay' staff. He enjoyed having that friendship as it was, after all that had gone before. Stop exchanging messages with this anonymous member of his crew. Not get the other person's hopes up any more than he already had. There was a planet below, glowing green and blue and white, and he watched the white, clouds in the atmosphere, move slowly across the continents between. After he deleted that one unopened as well, he returned to the reports.

I disagree -- the chances of a real match are present, but determined by the ineffable qualities of the people who make it. Sometimes things happen to us in space that make me wonder why I joined Starfleet. Beverly was doing a complete cleanout -- all her staff were moving things around, running a localized baryon sweep using handheld units to completely sterilize everything from the biobeds to the nooks and crannies in the cabinets, to the full inventory of instruments and devices. And then he shook himself -- what a fool he was, thinking he could simply treat this as a puzzle to solve. When he came back from his wandering in thought, as the concerto ended, he turned to sit once more and noticed a response. Half an hour later a third arrived, and he stared at the anonymous header for a minute before deleting that one as well.

He leaned in a little to see -- there should be a name in the Sender field. Data," Picard said with as little irritation as he could manage.

Once Data was gone, Picard stared at the blue header at the top of the list.

"He stopped in the middle of the room, turned around to look at her -- she'd followed him in just far enough that the door would close behind her. I would suspect it presents you with quite the temptation, some intrigue for you to research and untangle the enigma of who an algorithm would match you with. I did ask Data about how he programmed it -- what I could understand of his explanation told me that he is using the recorder data to inform the algorithm. I didn't think to ask about specifics like that.""Recorder data? The recorders in the critical areas of the ship -- engineering, the bridge, the battle bridge, all the hubs of the departments -- where the decisions were made and the action tended to be, fed that information into protected storage to be accessed only when needed, in the course of court-martials or investigations, and only by specific personnel."It's not data revealed to the people using the program.

Well -- perhaps he'd intentionally written the code not to allow for that. They expect us to be tough when that's what is needed. Do you know what it's like to think you find what you need and lose it? He supposed that it might be, still, because she too would be attempting to hide behind different diction. He found himself actually responding to it, thinking about the things said, memories of love lost and opportunities he had spurned in the name of career. And there are those, of course, who find the things they are searching for. Hardly a safe place for that, but they do it, and sometimes that becomes the regret. Unfortunately, it can also leave us dead to possibilities that can lead to feeling more alive than we've ever been.

Shutting off the screen, he left the bridge, again, for the holodeck.

Riding through the Scottish highlands helped alleviate the urge to respond.

When he approached his quarters he found himself facing the counselor in the corridor, as she was coming from the other direction.

Her quarters were four doors distant from his."Good afternoon," he exclaimed.

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Picard tried to work out who it could be based on the word choice.

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