Stroke dating

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offers this Stroke Support Chat Room, stroke support forums and a stroke support social network so that you and your peers can get to know each other and hopefully become friends through what you saw as, more than likely, a tragedy in your life.

Relationships go through plenty of ups and downs, and couples may experience times when they neglect each other.

"Among adults age 20 and older, the prevalence of stroke in 2005 was 6,500,000 (about 2,600,000 males and 3,900,000 females)." This leaves quite a bit of the population who has suffered from a stroke and needs support.

Perhaps you are one of the many who fears a stroke due to lifestyle and/or medical warnings.

If your man needs an ego boost, make the effort to make him feel important.

Katya Gordeeva began writing professionally in 2009.

Im a sweet low key guy that loves to cater to a sexy lady. If you like what you see then click on me and lets begin the journey of getting to know eachother.

My Ideal Person My idea personthat loves to is one who loves to be pleased while I treat your body as if it was a temple.

This is most upsetting as she pays rent for their accommodation.

If you're looking for a feel good story about the internet, then we've got one for you. Others in the chat room tried calling her, and eventually got a local 911 operator who sent help over to the woman's home.

Apparently, a woman who spent plenty of time in online chat rooms recently had a stroke while typing in the chat room. On a side note, the article is amusing in that it does the reverse of what most articles do when talking about people using online nicknames.

My husband suffered a stroke six weeks ago and his behaviour seems to have changed for the worse.

He has always been something of a bully and all but one of our children have cut off contact.

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