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Currently this column is for display purposes only and I will not be doing anything else with the Weekly Total value.

My question is, how can I achieve this requirement in APEX.

If you're using a paging grid, the advantages over the old grid are: The easiest way to convert your paging grid to a read-only grid would be to recreate the grid. Since the read-only grid is a new paradigm, converting a paging grid to a read-only grid isn't just changing a few parameters; a lot of what used to exist outside of the grid to support it just isn't necessary anymore—.

Trying to convert your existing grids by manipulating the underlying expression will likely result in a lot of unnecessary, leftover content, and possibly some unusual behaviors that result from trying to preserve your existing paging information.

The part that be reused is any query that provides the data for your grid.

Code: private void Recpt Master Gridvw_Cell Validating(object sender, Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args e) Here I am Sending you my code ,wherein I want to have total of examfees(column), Promotion Fees(column), Totalfees(column) and Balance(column).Hi, I'm using APEX v18.2 and I have rows in my Interactive Grid table where users are entering numeric values for each day of the week.I would like a Weekly Total column which calculates and displays the weekly total based on summing up the values for the individual days of the week.Displays a read-only grid where you can display data as rich text, links, and images. The read-only grid is designed to be fast and easy to setup from Design Mode, and features a natural integration with the Query Editor.Note: not all parameters are immediately available in Design Mode; some display only after enabling others.

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Screen readers will announce the value in each row header when navigating to other cells within that row.

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