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I've used two methods presented in the MSDN tutorial (p Device Context-Map()), both yielded the same results which leads me to wonder if maybe I missed an important flag earlier in the engine while initializing the D3D device or compiling the shaders.Also is anyone aware of any important trade offs between the two techniques? struct UIShader Buffer ; // Initialize the shader buffer and interface bool UIRectangle:: Start Up Shader Buffer() // Update the buffer. void UIRectangle:: Update Shader Buffer(XMMATRIX &_r Scale, XMMATRIX &_r Rotation, XMMATRIX &_r Translation) // Render bool UIRectangle:: Render() template D3D11: INFO: ID3D11Device Context:: Draw: Constant Buffer expected at slot 0 of the Pixel Shader unit (with size at least 208 bytes) but none is bound.

The XNAMATH data types such as XMMATRIX are 16 bytes aligned and use SSE/SSE2 instructions (SIMD) and therefore faster than the older D3DXMATRIX.Pixel Shaders also directly correspond with Microsoft's Direct X platform.are components used to help render graphics sent from the CPU to the graphic card.Using the vertex shader, we could only instruct the GPU to calculate the color of every pixel as linear interpolation between the colors of the corners of our triangles, the vertices.When you take a look at the flowchart, youll notice there are 2 arrows going from the vertex shader to the pixel shader.

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This is only a problem if the developer actually intended to bind a Constant Buffer here.