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According to the instructions (below) I need to choose a restore point before the bad update...unfortunately the bad update occurred around Apr. US: CA: UK: AU: Other: select Windows Vista | select Windows Vista Service Pack 1 TIP: Do not attempt to install Vista SP1 manually until and unless it's offered by Windows Update! After that I install all update from 2008 : 947562, 943841. I had to restart by Window Vista DVD and restore my computer. I am using Office 2007 now but I do not understand why there is a update for Excel 2003 ( I install that with 946041 and my computer keep restarting. Boot to the Windows DVD and choose the repair option in the lower left hand corner, choose System Restore, and select a Restore Point predating the attempted installation of the updates. If you don't have the DVD and the Vista came preinstalled on the machine, boot to the Safe Mode options using F8 during startup Once in Safe Mode, invoke System Restore as follows: Start | Run | (type in) | [OK] Select an available Restore Point predating the attempted installation of the updates. I did something as below: First of all I install update 949939. I do not want to try anymore because it takes time to do it.I see the "configuring updates 1/2/3 of 3" during either shutdown or startup/welcome screen..shows for about 15 seconds or so, then continues on with the task. Unlimited installation and compatibility support for Vista SP1 is available at no charge *but only through 18 March 2009*!!I have also tried to get into recovery but when it askes for the administror pass word it says "administrator disabled" I'm kinda at a loss as to what to do next? This IS an old issue, but CLEARLY no one has found a satisfactory fix. What is the tried and true action that will fix this?

If this is the case, some kind of alert notice to draw my attention would have been useful.

I downloaded the update from this site, and followed the instructions.

I have made no modifications other than installing a style and a few Extensions, all approved versions downloaded from the php BB web site, as listed following.

This is a very small board created in 3.1.2, started only a couple of weeks ago.

Being a novice user of version 3, I assumed that the notice in the ACP stating that I would be taken through the update process would do what it said it would do.

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Rebooting into safe mode just returns to the 'configuring updates screen'. Any ideas what's going on and how to get my system back? Just went straight to the 'configuring 3/3' screen Mc Knife: yes, that's where i got those ideas from.