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This website takes advantage of those of us who are hopeful that seeking a relationship within our age group will filter out some of the issues encountered on sites like Match.Almost all of the replies I received were very obvious scams. Option, completely overlooking the fine print stating a minimum of six months must be purchased.Ups that if you close them the wrong way you wind up signing up for more time, then comes the horrible ordeal of contacting customer service.They are by holding a large spider or by running and having a perfectly fit body! Our Time is obviously not overseeing the new member applications.And if you have used their services AT ALL, they can and will say that although the services were not what you expected, they were still available to you. Know how to talk to women and the other admitted that he was a former drug dealer! They let you become a member, fill out a lengthy questionnaire, upload some pictures and create a nice profile.

Wanted the conversation to end, but he said I know that you are, I can see you.However, I did text him a picture of something I thought he would find amusing when I was out of town for Thanksgiving.Once you fill out a profile, if anyone visits on any level you get an automatic email.Took my account off of auto renewal and will be deleting my profile at the end of the month.Million visitors generating over 25 million pageviews on this website. And I know every site has some, but SO many obvious fake profiles and scammers on here.

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After reading a few of these I am not sure if I will go back. Most of my clients use Jdate with good results, but were looking to broaden their horizons. There in no way to comment or suggest something to this website and I recommend saving your money and staying away.