Varve dating definition

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The pattern shown on the plot, or varve record, should be distinctive of the time during which the varves were deposited.

Annual layer thickness varies as weather patterns that control meltwater and sediment input to the lake vary from year to year.

Total annual layer (summer winter) thickness for 36 varves is plotted on the graph to the right.

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The thicknesses of summer and winter layers are recorded as shown with the posted red and blue lines.

Red lines represent the bottoms of summer layers and blue lines mark the bottoms of winter layers.

Throughout this web site the terms varve record, varve series, and varve chronology are used to denote varve sequences of different hierarchical status.

The term “varve sequence” is used as a generic term to refer to any succession of varves regardless of whether they are single outcrop records or represent larger, more regional correlations involving many varve records.

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Varve chronology is the use of varve sequences to establish time lines in sedimentary sequences and for correlation.