Venus figurines carbon dating

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In all, individual examples of the Gonnersdorf type have been found on nineteen sites between the Pyrenees and the Ukraine.It is interesting that although some 20,000 years separate the Willendorf Venus and her Aurignacian contemporaries from France, Czechoslovakia and elsewhere, from these female Magdalenians, heads and feet are still missing.Without heads or feet, they are shapely, straight backed, big bosomed, wasp-waisted representations of femininity, whose hips and buttocks are still pronounced, partly because the figures are shown doing a partial dip at the knee.Again thighs and calves are tapered to form a point.A typical characteristic of many of these figurines are their exaggerated proportions which one interprets almost immediately as portraying advanced stages of pregnancy.

In the Petersfelshohle were found stylized headless figurines with holes drilled into the upper end as though intended for stringing, to be worn as pendants.

“That same night we carefully pieced together the 20-odd fragments and realised it was a female statuette,” Paris told a press conference.

Carbon dating revealed the statue to be around 23,000 years old.

Because many of the figurines had been reddened, a link was sought with the festive use of red in connection with burials, and the attempt was made to establish a death-rebirth-fertility cycle in which the 'pregnant' statuettes, as well as the cowrie-shells played a significant role.

Whether these figurines were objects used in fertility rites, or represented some archetypal mother-cult or whether they themselves were objects of veneration, as an externalization of fertility or as household divinities, has not been established.

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