Who is anne dating on secret life who is rafi gavron dating

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Last week’s episode, “4Sn P,” opens with everyone staring at Amy.Her friends lie and tell her it’s because they’re all talking about her upcoming wedding to Ricky, but in truth it’s because there’s a rumor that Amy’s mom Anne (aka Molly Ringwald — holy crap, yes! This is the actual logic that comes out of the teenagers’ mouths, but it only gets worse from there, including a running joke that she has chosen a “gay holiday” to get married: the Fourth of July.Anne Steves was born in the United States of America in the late 50s.

“I’m just a red blooded american guy, and you got me all worked up telling me about that kiss.” Grace actually apologies, but instead of falling into bed with him, demands to be brought to Adrian for another kiss.Grace quips that this isn’t really true because it is “so cool to be gay.” Across town, Adrian’s awesome flight attendant mother is schooling Adrian in how her publicity stunt is really insulting to the LGBTQ community, hasn’t anyone told her that? ) Amy then descends upon her parents’ house in a fit of privilege and brattiness, wishing to see her jetlagged mother.Adrian rolls her eyes that that one girl who is gay hasn’t said anything. She then sits down at the kitchen table with Molly Ringwald to talk about her upcoming wedding, but Anne has bigger news, and tells her that she’s gay.This is immediately followed by raised eyebrows and red cheeks not so much genuine as laugh-track worthy.Even better: when wondering what it would be like to have a gay mom, Adrian quips, “No one would believe my mother is gay. A pie chart of the rest of the episode would be 40% Amy saying “I’m not gay,” 40% Grace fretting about seeming gay because she’s not actually gay but she will kiss Adrian, 10% Amy’s dad being the douche who outed Anne to Grace’s mom Kathleen, and 60% the awful running 4th of July gay holiday joke (more nouns: bandanas, volleyball, Uncle Sam).

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(Insert crack about gay jeans being really skinny here.

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