Who is terrell carter dating now

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“It was just the fact that my mom was 11 years old when he raped her – he was 20. “I think I was 7 or 8, and I remember having my friends around me and he drove up.

I said that’s my father, then my father [said] ‘oh no, no, I’m not his father.’ It changed something in me for the better, because I realized and knew that I would never be that man, [and] I would make him regret those words.” Judging from his numerous concerts and big break, it appears safe to say that Carter has indeed accomplished feats worthy of people’s adoration.

Carter also revealed that his father had denied blood ties with him at a young age.

That moment, Carter said, helped mold him into the adult he is today.

Diddy and Kirk Franklin--who has released three independent albums and a fourth album entitled , which was released last summer..

With such a fitting album title, Carter is more than ready for his national close-up.

Carter’s voice is soft, yet soulful, which is a refreshing shock when comparing it to his 6-foot-5-inch gladiator figure.

This is what I know; this was something that chose me.” One of Carter’s career highlights includes P Diddy affirming his musical talents.“The way that I think now when I come to do a concert for the people, I want to give people everything that they expect and more.I have no fear in thinking this will be a concert that they will remember,” said Carter."I'm really looking forward to this album because I have songs on here that are amazing.They really define the music side of me," says the 20-something-year old.

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“I was in the Chris Rock Show with P Diddy and I was singing with him,” said Carter.